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© 2023 Post Image
Concordia University
Tiohtiá:ke / Mooniyang
(Montreal, Canada)

Moving the Landscape to Find Ground

Barry Pottle - Artist Talk

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Post Image presents Barry Pottle in the second installment of Moving the Landscape to Find Ground, a cycle of artist talks and artist residencies which will take place from September 2022 until May 2023 .This series is built from a shared ambition to break open lens-based practices via the interrogation of the colonial prism through which photography exists. We are inviting conversation among all communities impacted by the colonial gaze.

Barry Pottle’s bio:
“ I am an Inuk artist originally Labrador (Rigolet, Nunatsiavut) now living in Ottawa, Ontario. I have been interested in photography as a medium of artistic expression and as a way of exploring the world around him. Living in Ottawa, which has the largest urban population of Inuit outside the North, Although I have been able to stay connected to the greater Inuit community, COVID and life has challenged that view over the past few years but through the camera’s Len, I showcase the uniqueness of the community. Whether it is at a cultural gathering, family outings or the solitude of nature that photography allows, he captures the essence of Inuit life in Ottawa. 

My formal education was through a multidisciplinary approach and my path as a self-taught, independent artist was built upon that multidisciplined approach and that variety in academic teachings coupled with life experience, practices, values, knowledge, self-teachings, perseverance, and a steadfast desire and push towards helping build a foundation for Contemporary Urban Inuit Art Photography.”

If you wish to see the rest of the talks, please visit our programming section, sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram. The speakers invited to Moving the Landscape to Find Ground will also provide studio visits to Concordia University graduate students. If you wish to have a studio visit with one of our speakers, please sign up here.

Our programming is in collaboration with the Indigenous Futures Research  Centre, the Feminist Media Studio and the Black Perspectives Office. This project is generously funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Milieux Institute for Arts and Culture and Concordia University’s OVPRGS (Office of the Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies).